Dave Rankin – Songs From Waco


Dave takes us back to his Texas roots on this journey to reconnect with an earlier time and a longing for small town Texas values. From the women that molded his character to the barefoot days of public swimming pools and playing with Green Army men, Dave reflects on the people and times that create who we are and where we’re from.

  1. Girls From Waco
  2. Daddy Had
  3. Texas Town
  4. Texas Skies
  5. Bosque Bend

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Listen to a sample from Songs From Waco:

If you still drive a Chevy Silverado out on the farm, kick open both doors and let this blare out over the field. Lance Schaubert: The Showbear Family Circus

The catchy hook in “Daddy Had” brought to mind all the ways my Dad taught me to make do with what was in front of me. Matt Black-Sweet Communion Music/A.C.T. Intl.